Life's A Beach Triathlon
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Life's A Beach Triathlon Boogie Boards. Baggies. Beach Cruisers. Beer!



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Life’s A Beach General Questions
What kind of booty do I get with my entry fee? An awesome Life’s A Beach T-Shirt, a Life’s A Beach Temporary Tattoo, a themed finisher’s award and post-race food and drink. We’ll also have live music to inspire some post-race partying!
Can we dress up in crazy costumes for the Life’s A Beach Triathlon? Yes. We encourage costumes. We’ll even have prizes for some of the best costumes. Our only rule is that your costume must not endanger you or your fellow racers—and we have the final say on that.
How safe is the Life’s A Beach Triathlon? While there are always risks involved in swimming, biking, running and presented by our Beach Challenges, our priority is your safety. If you ever feel unsafe, or ever have suggestions for how we can improve our safety plan, please feel free to contact a staff member on site or contact our office via email.
I’m not very fit, can I really complete this event and call myself a triathlete? Life’s A Beach Triathlon is designed to be fun and accessible—it’s about the journey, not just the speed. We’ll eventually have some suggestions on our website and our Facebook page to give you a hand getting ready for the event.
What is the Top Slacker Award? The Top Slacker embodies the laid-back spirit of the event by rewarding the last finisher overall as well as the last finisher in each age group.
Almost Anything Goes Swim
Do I have to use a boogie board on the swim? No, but you can! We want you to be stoked to swim—you can use a body board, floaties, water wings, pool toys…if you have a question about what kind of fun “swim aid” you can use, just email us at Have fun with it!
Can I use swim fins? Absolutely. We’re all about making this accessible and fun for all. Flipper would be proud!
Should we wear swim goggles? They are not required, but are recommended.
Are speed suits legal for the swim in your races? Um…what’s a “speed suit?”
Is there anything I can’t use on the swim? Well, no real paddle boards (prone or stand-up). No surf boards. Remember, we’re still calling it a “swim.” If something is even remotely questionable - ask us in advance.
Chillaxin' Bike
Do I need to use a beach cruiser? Any fatter tire bike will do—beach cruiser, mountain bike.
Can I use my road or triathlon bike? They make bikes specifically for triathlon? Um…NO. Well, at least we would highly discourage their usage. Most of our bike courses will include some soft sand and/or some beach riding. Do you want your $5,000 steed exposed to sand and salt water? Most of the serious triathletes we know wouldn’t.
Why do I need to wear a bike helmet? Because our insurance company requires it and because you will be riding on a variety of surfaces—sand, asphalt, dirt, shells. Any certified bike helmet will do. You won’t be allowed to bike without one.
Can I decorate my bike? YES! We encourage decorations and will even have some prizes for bikes decorated in the true Life’s A Beach spirit. But, just be sure that your decorations don’t negatively impact your or your fellow racer’s safety—race staff may ask you to eliminate any decorations they deem unsafe (and you must comply).
Will there be bikes available to rent at the event? This will depend on the venue and availability. We will work with local bike shops to have some rentals available, but they will be very limited and will likely require reservations in advance.
Beach Run
Will the entire run be on the beach? This will depend on the venue. We’ll strive to have the entire run on the beach, but this just might not be possible in some locations. Check out the information page for the specific event locations to find out more details on that venue’s course.
Are shoes required for the run? In true Life’s A Beach spirit, you are allowed to run barefoot if you like. BUT, we do recommend some kind of footwear as even the beaches typically have spots with shells and other sharp hazards. And, some run courses may actually have sections on pavement, sidewalks and trails. Finally, most transition areas will be in paved parking lots—which can be rough on bare feet and get hot quickly in the summer sun. We recommend some type of running shoes.
Will there be aid stations on the run? There will be at least one aid station on the run with water.
Life’s A Beach Challenges
What are Life’s A Beach Challenges? The challenges are a minimum of three obstacles for you to navigate along the course. One example is the Turtle Crawl—a crawl through the sand under a net as you move from the water to the transition area. Check your specific event page to find out what we have in store!
I’m not very fit, can I do all these challenges? The challenges aren’t too difficult, and this race isn’t all about the speed—it’s also about chillaxing along the way and enjoying the beach. If you take your time, you can make it through the challenges. And, you can always ask another racer for help!
Transition Area
What’s a Transition Area? The Transition Area (also called a “T-A”) is a barricaded space where you will stage your bike and running gear. Only racers and event volunteers and staff will be allowed in this area (no family members).
How do I know where to go in and out of the Transition Area during the race? Each entrance and exit will be clearly signed. An example would be a chute/exit that says “Run Exit” or another that says “Bike Entrance.”
What can I leave in the transition area? Your bike. Your bike helmet (and any other bike gear). Your running shoes. Some people will leave something to drink or a snack.
Can I get a refund? Sorry - no refunds under any circumstances.
Can I transfer my entry to another racer? Yes, but you must initiate the contact with us and it must be prior to the registration deadline for your event or by the date specified on for your event.
Can I register on race day? To secure your spot, we highly recommend registering in advance as entries are limited and may sell out. Advance registration also helps us keep the costs associated with racing more reasonable. If we do not sell out, we may have a limited number of race day entries available. Be sure to watch our Facebook page or website for the number of slots we may have available. Be forewarned, race day registrations will incur an additional fee.
Can kids race the Life’s A Beach Triathlon? Anyone 9 years and older can do our events. A parent or legal guardian must be on hand at registration to sign the waiver for anyone under the age of 18 on race day. For kids under 9, we have our FREE Hatchling Dash run that takes place after the triathlon has been completed!